— creating from nature/ with nature


s a child, I would dress up in the vintage dresses I found in my mormor’s closet. She had sewn them herself and this always fascinated me. How carefully these garments had been pieced together. She would go to parties, dressed in these gorgeous, colorful gowns and I dreamed of doing the same. In high school, I began deconstructing and reconstructing my clothes, intrigued by finding new fits, new silhouettes. There was something about the recreation, the seeing immediate results that thrilled me. Creating something new from something old. I discovered the techniques and designs of Japanese creators, finding the choice of materials exciting. Layering, stitching, pleating. I dreamed of creating a world of garments that expressed something obscure. Something intangible. As I began to study fashion, this dream grew and evolved. I sketched, painted. I learned new ways of putting garments together. My interest for the world around me led me to studying Cultural Anthropology. The world of dress, the history of costume. When I had the chance of creating my own brand, together with my business partner, I knew that it would allow for all of these aspects to come through. How could it not? The brand is an extension of me, a story that keeps unfolding. As I live, it unfolds and surprises me. Again and again. I want to share this with you. I want to share my story. And I hope you see the love there.

— Jennifer Orlendo, founder & CEO