ACSR + [a]industri

Rethinking garment construction


rctic Summer teamed up with [a]industri to create piece one(1) and piece two(2), a set consisting of a jacket and a trouser, sustainably crafted from cupro at the mini-factory run by [a]industri in Göteborg, Sweden.

The intention of this collaboration was to create simple and wearable pieces in a small quantity using local resources and a unique method invented by [a]industri co-founder Rickard Lindqvist.  The method he has created is called Kinetic Garment Construction and is generated from the idea that clothes can be constructed organically, following the body’s natural shapes and movements. The pattern-making process is unique in that it follows a curved set of lines instead of a rigid scheme. This allows for a flow and drape that can not be found / made using other classical methods of construction.

Piece one (1) is draped along a curve, using only one pattern piece. It envelops the body, starting at the shoulder, and gently folds itself around the torso. This allows for the piece to sit comfortably and flatter all shapes and sizes.