Craps Strategy

By | March 7, 2016

There are two goals that are connected to a good craps strategy. There is one goal that needs to be applied when things are going well and that is to make as much money as you possibly can. The second goal is applied when you are losing and that is to lose as little money as is possible. Now if you have access to a craps strategy that claims to tell you when to bet, how to bet, and exactly where to place your bets, then what you have is not a craps strategy but a craps system for playing

There is a major difference between strategies and systems and this cannot be over stressed. You use a system to attempt to systemically beat the odds when playing a game. It goes about doing this by using numbers, by trying to combine bets in a way that shifts the house’s advantage over to the player. But when you are talking about casino games you are talking about mathematical monsters that have had much time to evolve. There have been many mathematicians that have tried to unravel the code of math behind craps, but the fact is that it is a game of negative expectations. Over time and in the long run, the edge cannot be geared toward the player.

But you can form and use a craps strategy as a method for playing the game, a sort of style of play. You can use a strategy to help you to quite when you are ahead, to not chase after your loses. It offers you suggestions for playing smart. Here is a strategy for playing craps that does not involve specific bets.

There is an overall strategy for craps that you can employ but it takes patience, and a great deal of willpower to stick with it. The number one feature in this strategy is managing your bankroll, setting limits to how much you are allowed to lose or to win. You have to mentally determine how much you can comfortably lose. This is your lose limit. You have to also set a limit as to the amount that you feel that you need to make before you can comfortably walk away from the table. This is your win limit. You must decide on these amounts before you begin your play not making them variable as play progresses.

Here is an example of a session of craps using a strategy. First you must set a lose limit. Let’s say $500. Then you must also set a win limit. Like let’s say it would be great to go form a bankroll of $1000 to say $1500. So before you even go into the game you already know, assuming a bankroll of $1000, that if you lose $500 or win $500, you will be walking away from the table.

Here is how to get to the goal of winning $500. You start by placing $100 in front of you on the table. If you manage to build that $100 to $200, you pocket $100 and play with the remaining $100. Now you continue to play but you play only with your winnings. If you now lose the winnings, you go back to your original $100 buy in. if you were to lose that buy in of $100, then you would know that you are now 1/5 of your way into reaching your loss limit. You keep calls note of where your bankroll is. The intent is to keep trying to double your original buy-in money until you once again are able to play only with your winnings. Now every time you win another $100 it immediately goes into your pocket. This way you are continually playing with the $100 mini-sized bankroll. Every time that you lose money (in these $100 sessions), you keep close tabs on what portion of your lose limit has been consumed, and be sure that you know where your bankroll stands as compared with where you started. This is a craps strategy that includes a good deal of bankroll management and awareness. It also has the added bonus of only using the winnings with which to play whenever possible.

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