Swiss Casino

Swiss Casino is one of the Web’s most respected and secure online casinos.

Swiss Casino, in contrast to Swiss banks, gets great pleasure in parting with money. Swiss Casino puts out wonderful bonuses as well as incredible promotions each day and is considered one of the most reputable and secured online casinos on the Internet.

“Swiss Casino offers gaming as wonderful as a Swiss Watch”

One of the Internet’s most reputable and secure online casinos is Swiss Casino. You can contact them for superb customer support twenty four hours a day/seven days a week through a chat online with team members, or writing by email, or calling via their toll-free telephone service. They prize your value immensely and do all they can to make you feel your worth. Each day of the week Swiss Casino offers changing promotions offering wonderful prizes, and prepares for their players pleasant surprises.

Some sixty one of the most popular online games, such as, single and multi-line-slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and craps, are offered at Swiss Casino. You’ll never experience such vocal effects and graphic displays as witnessed at Swiss Casino.

The fact that there is a transaction history log as well as a built-in game makes Swiss Casino a very appealing site. This means that you can examine old results of games by accessing the history log for individual games, and in addition you can review your financial details constantly as precisely as in a Swiss bank.

Swiss Casino, in contrast to Swiss banks, gets great pleasure in parting with money and the primary deposit bonus is as follows:

When you put down your primary deposit you receive a one hundred percent matching bonus for up to one hundred dollars, and this system is continued for the primary four deposits you put down, that means, you get free of charge four hundred dollars! Take this example:

on deposit one, you deposit one hundred dollars and are awarded one hundred dollars free of charge; on deposit two you deposit one hundred dollars and are awarded one hundred dollars free of charge; on deposit three you deposit one hundred dollars and are awarded one hundred dollars free of charge; on deposit four you deposit one hundred dollars and are awarded one hundred dollars free of charge.

In addition to all these wonderful bonuses Swiss Casino puts out promotions each day and this comprises raffles, happy hours, lotteries and a great deal of other goodies.

It’s worth noting how very fast it is to download Swiss Casino, and simple to carry out the installing procedure. The whole process takes several minutes and you can begin playing the moment you’ve finished registering. …

Aztec Riches Casino

Aztec Riches is a new online casino powered by Microgaming offering seventy four games brimming with fun, and all the thrills that a land-based casino can provide. Their Viper software is considered the best out there for playing.

“If you’re about to choose a casino then try Aztec Riches”

Microgaming casinos have now added a really popular one to their collection, namely, Aztec Riches, and have recently launched their amazingly simple new Viper software. Could there be anything more attractive than a casino offering seventy four games brimming with fun and with all the thrills that a brick and mortar casino can provide? What a thrill and so unexpected to see such a high standard for a site and to notice very lucidly and immediately that this was the creation of a classic casino. The Jungle theme was so attractive and you could speedily orientate yourself to the most significant data you wanted to know, such as, a fantastic bonus plan, safe payoffs and a seven-day a week, twenty four hours a day customer support.

It’s worth experimenting with Aztec Riches twenty four hour, seven days a week support service using live chat and email services. On pressing on the live chat button, a person citing his first name will respond. He or she answers immediately, and is patient and knows how to answer all question professionally. Aztec Riches deserve full point for its customer service!

Now the time has come to test the software by first downloading it. Downloading and installing is simply a piece of cake. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete the real player registration and then you can go ahead and buy, and the first section of the signing on bonus is yours. On reaching this stage you’ll come across a brand new sign offering you via your first three purchases up to a give-away eight five dollars. It’s such good fun, that you won’t resist making three purchases all at the same session.

A lot of people consider the Microgaming Viper software as the best out there for playing, and that’s the opinion of those with experience. All was tried: ending up on slots after beginning with several hands of blackjack and video poker in the middle. Resolved to make good use of the bonus’ sign’s second part several more tries on the progressives were played. After having deposited one hundred dollars with a credited bonus – and it all took not more than ten minutes.

The slots brought no disappointment. You can’t resist trying some of the eleven accessible Microgaming progressives which are contained in Aztec Riches. Money is stretched further and plays takes a reasonably long time if you place on several of the games the minimum wager of one cent. You might be aware that two hundred thousand dollars have been passed in some of the jackpots. You’ll find that if you spend around an hour you might double the primary deposits and feel pretty good with …

How to Hedge Your Bets

Although on the face of it, the concept of hedging your bets would seem to be quite simple, in reality it often leads to confusion as complex betting combinations are used that leave you feeling less secure and more confused. The fact that casinos have no problem with players hedging their bets would seem to suggest that it is not easy to gain an advantage in this way. Depending on what you hope to drive from your game, the overall effects of hedging can be positive.

Let’s start by looking at those bets that are most commonly hedged. You will often see hedge bets placed on the come-out roll as a hedge against a pass line bet.

For a come-out bet on a 2, 3, or 12, or on any craps, the payout is 7 to 1. Otherwise it loses. A pass line bet however, will lose on these numbers but will win if a 7 or a 11 is thrown. You can hedge a $10 pass line bet by placing a $2 bet on any craps. This will turn what would otherwise be a $10 loss if a 2, 3, or 12 were to come up, into a profit of $4. But then if the roll is a 7 or an 11 your win will only be $8 instead of the $10. Otherwise you any other number will end up as a $2 loss. This means that following the setting of the point, any win will be reduced by $2.

There is a hidden cost that is introduced through the use of hedging. Many times players perceive the hedge bet in craps as a can’t-lose situation. In some cases this is true. In the long run and overall it actually makes very little difference. In fact over time if you continually hedge your bets, you will ultimately earn less money than if you didn’t hedge them. It isn’t quite that simple though. Those players who really know what they are doing understand that the true benefit of hedging is that it reduces the volatility of sessions. Rather than simply making money this seems to be the motivating factor. If you hedge your bets you will experience less fluctuation in your bankroll. This is especially important if you are playing with a small bankroll, and hedging may be the best thing for you to do. If on the other hand, you have a bankroll that is large enough to withstand the fluctuations of a volatile table, it would be better for you if you do not hedge since in the long run you will win more money.

In the end the use of hedging in betting will significantly decrease the volatility of the game. It does however, in the end, limit your opportunities to win. If you use hedge betting you will experience less cases of your bankroll bottoming out, but you will end up, if you are winning, with less in the end than you would have if you …

Golden Reef Casino

Golden Reef has done brilliantly. Downloading is as easy as pie and the live operator chatting service is an attractive feature. It displays beautiful clear graphical interfaces. A simple and intuitive format facilitates playing and enhances enjoyment.

“Golden Reef comes with the highest recommendations”

For a new casino, Golden Reef has succeeded amazingly well. The site is so qualitatively organized: there’s a plethora of info on maintaining banking and safety measures and its orientation method is simple. Most impressive of all is the client support service, but not to forget on first sight that the licensing and auditing payouts testify to an honest casino.

Live operator chatting service is one of the features provided by Golden Reef. Great idea, so I decided to try them out. On my entry into the chat room, a hold message greeted me. Fortunately, I was soon chatting away to Jack within a few moments. Jack had a lot of patience and was fast, and responded to all my queries with first class answers. So, Golden Reef is the incredible standard of customer service you’re seeking.

Downloading the casino’s software was the next step on the gambling trail. Downloading was an easy procedure, although I’m not a regular at Microgaming casinos. However, I did experiment with the other games as I was curious to check the speed of their bonuses. It took only a few minutes to download and that was simple, and then my password and username I had to sign in.

Tonight I hoped to win and assessed the choice of playing for real or just for amusement. After having first deposited thirty five dollars and by sampling having to click a button I claimed the hundred percent starting bonus. The site’s cash back offer also caught my eye. Namely, Golden Reef grants you one bonus point for every ten dollars betted. On crediting one hundred points you get on dollar for nothing. The standard roulette, blackjack and slots greeted me on accessing the casino, and the choice to download the additional games individually was offered me. The games of roulette and video poker I also had a go at. However, the multi-hand blackjack kept attracting me to play again frequently. And the result was I had a wonderful time playing and won a sum equal to three times my original spending money!

Displaying beautiful clear graphical interfaces, Golden Reef software prolongs the Internet sites theme of Gold Mining. Playing the games is facilitated by a simple and intuitive format.

I must let you know that as Golden Reef provides all the progressive slots of Microgaming, I just was not able to prevent myself from having a go. For making my dollar wager extend itself, I had a go at the twenty five cent wagers and the two hundred thousand jackpots. After having accumulated an additional thirty dollars, I had the feeling that I had succeeded quite nicely at spending about an hour at it.

I think I profited quite nicely when I …

Craps Strategy

There are two goals that are connected to a good craps strategy. There is one goal that needs to be applied when things are going well and that is to make as much money as you possibly can. The second goal is applied when you are losing and that is to lose as little money as is possible. Now if you have access to a craps strategy that claims to tell you when to bet, how to bet, and exactly where to place your bets, then what you have is not a craps strategy but a craps system for playing

There is a major difference between strategies and systems and this cannot be over stressed. You use a system to attempt to systemically beat the odds when playing a game. It goes about doing this by using numbers, by trying to combine bets in a way that shifts the house’s advantage over to the player. But when you are talking about casino games you are talking about mathematical monsters that have had much time to evolve. There have been many mathematicians that have tried to unravel the code of math behind craps, but the fact is that it is a game of negative expectations. Over time and in the long run, the edge cannot be geared toward the player.

But you can form and use a craps strategy as a method for playing the game, a sort of style of play. You can use a strategy to help you to quite when you are ahead, to not chase after your loses. It offers you suggestions for playing smart. Here is a strategy for playing craps that does not involve specific bets.

There is an overall strategy for craps that you can employ but it takes patience, and a great deal of willpower to stick with it. The number one feature in this strategy is managing your bankroll, setting limits to how much you are allowed to lose or to win. You have to mentally determine how much you can comfortably lose. This is your lose limit. You have to also set a limit as to the amount that you feel that you need to make before you can comfortably walk away from the table. This is your win limit. You must decide on these amounts before you begin your play not making them variable as play progresses.

Here is an example of a session of craps using a strategy. First you must set a lose limit. Let’s say $500. Then you must also set a win limit. Like let’s say it would be great to go form a bankroll of $1000 to say $1500. So before you even go into the game you already know, assuming a bankroll of $1000, that if you lose $500 or win $500, you will be walking away from the table.

Here is how to get to the goal of winning $500. You start by placing $100 in front of you on the table. If …

Playing Craps

Even though the game of craps may appear to be complex, this is not actually the case. It just looks hard. You need to get acquainted with the craps playing table and a few rules in order to start playing like a pro. What follows is a very simple introduction into the basics for playing craps. To learn how to play, you should start with this page and continue with the getting started pages that follow.

The information that is given here may be applied both when playing craps online as well as at a brick and mortar land based casino. The way things are going, the online play is becoming as popular as the real brick and mortar play. There are a few differences however. For example, how you place your bet is one along with the need to have a thorough knowledge of table etiquette when playing at land based brick and mortar casinos, and knowledge of superstitions that you must pay respect to also at brick and mortar casinos.

If you haven’t played before, it is best to just observe. Watch the game for a while. When you are playing at a land-based casino, imitation is not such a bad thing. It may better to use imitation when playing blackjack since craps is a very fast moving game. This however, is not a problem if you are playing craps online. Online you can take as long as you may want. On the other hand, there is no one you can imitate. So it is good for you that this information is available to help you get ready to play.

There are web pages available on the Internet that will give you the specifics for how to start your play at a table in a land-based casino. There are also sites that will prepare you for play at online craps casinos. This site will discuss how the two overlap and are similar. Since this overlap applies to most aspects of the game along with its rules and strategies, this information will be valuable whether you are playing online or at a brick and mortar casino.

Craps is a unique game. While a shooter throws a pair of dice the gambler is allowed to bet on a number of different combinations. You are allowed to bet on such things as the total number that will appear on the combined dice. You can bet on whether that number comes up before another one. You can even bet on such strange things as whether a four comes up as two twos or as a three and a one. Does this seem intimidating? Maybe but it’s not all that difficult. Lets take it easy at the beginning.

There are two states in which you can play craps. The point or point number may already be set or not yet set. In the case in which the point or point number has not already been set, the roll is referred to as the …

Magic Box Casino

Don’t look further than Magic Box Casino for a casino experience brimming with enjoyment and thrills. Magic Box provides seamless and rapid playing offers huge bonuses even prior to actual playing.

“Excellent recommendations for Magic Box Casino”

IOG Casinos’ latest box of tricks, Magic Box Casino has already earned a good name for itself. Ever since my friend suggested I try it out I have been extremely satisfied.

Magic Box Casino is powered by Playtech software undoubtedly inserted a little magic into my activities. You immediately get the feel of winning as on your primary three deposits Magic Box offers bonuses up to five hundred and sixty seven dollars, even prior to actual playing. My account was credited with the free bonus cash as soon as I deposited.

You will not witness such seamless and rapid playing as do characterize Magic Box Casino, as well as its great feel and innovative display. There is a game for everybody’s taste as the casino’s choice of games is vast. Progressive jackpots, slots, roulette, blackjack and craps are just a few of the games included here. My personal favorite is the slots, and playing for one cent up to a few dollars is not easy to locate among such a series of machines. This system actually helps you in spreading out your money over a long time period.

Magic Box Casino is extremely bighearted with its bonuses once you’re recognized as a regular participant, and the situation is that you’re constantly making money as you play due to their comps systems.

An outstanding feature provided by Magic Box Casino is their superb twenty four hour a day/seven day a week support service. One of the live chat’s support team assisted me in a most professional and polite manner how to make my first time withdrawal. It was also possible to get assistance through email or phone if I had preferred, instead of the first class live chat service.

I would definitely give an excellent recommendation for Magic Box Casino. Whoever is seeking a casino experience brimming with enjoyment and thrills, and which maintains a reputed operating name, has to look no further than Magic Box Casino.…

Dealing with Bad Beats in Poker

You are dealt your cards and you look at them. You’re holding a pair of Aces. You raise and get some response. At the flop it’s the seven of clubs, the ten of hearts, and the eight of diamonds. The bet is to you and you bet. At the turn it’s the Jack of clubs. You bet again and are called. At the river it’s another Ace, the Ace of clubs. Now the player before you bets. This time you call and the other player flops over the three and five of clubs making the nut flush. What you have experienced is termed a bad beat.

In poker the bad beat occurs when your hand is the odds on favorite to win and then you are beaten in the end by another better hand. In most cases it’s a hand that caught what it needed on the river by ‘miracle’ and probably should not have been played to begin with. You see this more often when playing in low limit games because many players are willing to play practically any two cards with the hope of winning. There are players that will play every time they get an Ace or draw opening suited cards.

Then there are a lot of players who are calling stations. This means that they will play any weak hand and just call all the way through to the river hoping that they will draw something good. Sometimes they do get the cards they need and you end up bad beaten.

Bad beats are simply a part of poker and the better players will learn to live with them. Just as sure as anything occasionally you are going to get out drawn at the river. Although it is true that you will from time to time lose to such players, your solid play will win out over their weak play in the end. In the end you will be the winner most of the time. Long-term you are going to make money from those players that chase after inside straights or long shot flushes. Those who play a lot of online poker are even more likely to experience this. It is amazing how many new players can be found playing online who are ready to play any two suited cards, and Ace, or practically any two cards. You will find that when you are playing in such games your bankroll will tend to fluctuate greatly but in the end you will come out ahead.

Times will occur when what appears to you to be a big and unbeatable hand will get beaten by another bigger hand. This is a legitimate although rare occurrence, and will happen occasionally. One time I started with pocket Jacks. The flop was three aces so I had a full house. I played out one player to the river. At the end he turned over an ace high flush. In spite of the fact that I was not very happy about this …

All about Microgaming

Microgaming brought out their updated Viper software in January 2003. The autoplay feature is Viper’s latest innovative aspect. It follows a flexible fundamental strategy in blackjack. A strategy engine resolves the maximum fly’s play in video poker. In order to distinguish between the new and older versions of a Microgaming casino is by determining whether the Viper software has the new autoplay feature or not. The software also maintains a flash version. It does seem that the new version follows the identical rules to the software of Viper’s old version. A listing of the games you can play as well as comprising strategic planning advice, house edge and rules now follows. Various casinos may modify the names to a certain extent.

Playing Baccarat

This is a single deck game. A 1.012 percent house edge is on the banker and a 1.286 percent on the player.

Playing Baccarat – High Limit

This is an eight deck card game. The banker plays at a 1.06 percent house edge, with 1.24 percent edge for the player and for a tie there’s a 14.36 percent house edge. The player is permitted to peek at the cards without rushing in the high limit baccarat in the way Asian players are inclined to play.

Playing Blackjack

You are provided with an assortment of blackjack games. The following is a listing, however the most preferred rules are those of the Vegas Strip rules, you can ignore the remainder quite safely.

Playing European Blackjack

Here are the rules in a nutshell:

  • The game is played with two decks
  • On soft seventeen the dealer stands
  • Only on nine to eleven do you double
  • After splitting no doubling is allowed
  • No resplitting is permitted
  • For splitting aces the play is allowed to draw
  • You’re not allowed to surrender
  • Completely no peek; against the dealer’s blackjack the player loses the total amount bet
  • Until the end of the hand the insurance is not resolved
  • Only one betting position

Playing Multi-Hand Blackjack

The rules in a nut shell are as follows:

  • The game is based on five decks of cards
  • On soft seventeen the dealer stands
  • Only on nine to eleven can you double
  • After splitting you can’t redouble
  • Resplitting is not allowed
  • For splitting aces a player may draw
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • There is no full peek: against the dealer blackjack the player loses total amount wager
  • Until the end of the game the insurance is not resolved
  • There are five betting positions

Playing the Vegas Strip Blackjack

Here are the rules in a nutshell:

  • The game is played with four decks of cards
  • On soft seventeen the dealer stands
  • On any first two cards you can double
  • After splitting doubling is permitted
  • You are permitted to resplit to three hands
  • The dealer may peek for blackjack
  • There is only one betting position

Keep in mind that 0.3606 percent is the house edge.

Playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack

These are the rules in a nutshell:

  • The game is played with two